A Vein Doctor? What’s a Vein Doctor?

A Vein Doctor? What’s a Vein Doctor?

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We all know cardiologists help with your heart and pediatricians are meant for children. But did you know there’s also such a thing as a vein doctor? Vein doctors DO exist, and most likely you’ll be interested in meeting one at some point in your life.

Here at the Triangle Vein Clinic, Dr. Medina is our “go-to guy” for legs – also known as a “vein doctor” or a vascular surgeon with a specialized interest and history with venous disease. (Venous disease includes things like spider veins, varicose veins, facial veins, leg swelling, etc.)

You may have seen other Triangle doctors, including gynecologists and radiologists, offering vein treatments as well. This may leave you wondering, “Why should I go to another doctor for help when my current doctor offers the same thing?”

The answer is simple. Dr. Medina’s only focus is veins!

As a vascular surgeon, Dr. Medina completed a five-year general surgical residency and an additional year of Fellowship training with concentration on just the vascular system. Since 1991, he has worked on thousands of vein patients including more than 8,500 vein cases just in the past ten years. In other words, he KNOWS veins and will give you the specialized experience you want.

Do I Need a Vein Doctor?

Do you have a vein problem? Do you hate the way your veins look? Or are your veins causing you discomfort – throbbing, aching, fullness, or fatigue in your legs? If so, a vein doctor can help.

Here at the Triangle Vein Clinic we treat individuals from every walk of life, and often see those who frequently work on their feet: doctors, nurses, chiropractors, teachers, landscape workers, hair stylists, businessmen and women, etc.

Signs That You Should See a Vein Doctor

  • Pain (often described as full, tight, heavy, achy legs – especially at the end of the day)
  • A desire to put your feet up at the end of the day (Problematic veins don’t always protrude! They can be sneaky, so paying attention to how you feel is key.)
  • Leg ulcers (complications of venous disease)
  • Blog clots
  • Rashes/discoloration at your ankles
  • Bleeding
  • Ulcerations

If you have vein issues of any kind, a vein consultation is the first step.

Are Vein Procedures for Both Women AND Men?

Absolutely! While we do see more women than men, primarily due to spider veins and hormonal fluctuations that cause venous issues, men are often in need of help as well. As with most health conditions, weight also impacts your chances of experiencing vein issues.

Heredity is a primary contributor. Did your parents or other relatives have vein issues? Regardless of whether you’re male or female, if they do you most likely will too.

Your job also plays a role. If you stand for long periods of time you may be plagued by venous disease. When we stand our muscles do not get to contract, which helps the return of blood flow. If you have venous insufficiency, the blood just kind of settles in our lower legs and cause varicose veins along with that tight, full feeling.

Does the Thought of Vein Procedures Make Your Nervous?

If so we’ve got good news for you – most treatments are minimally invasive! This means the only thing you will feel is the numbing agent, which usually stings for just a second. Dr. Medina works hard to help relax patients during the procedure, often chatting with them about daily life or old movies. When he finishes patients often comment, “I didn’t even know you had started.”

Most procedures have minimal recovery time. You can expect to be back to normal activity the following day (except for running and jogging). Some people experience minor bruising or decreased sensation in the areas where veins were treated, but that resolves itself and occurs in fewer than 10% of people.

In other words, there is no reason to put off correcting any vein issues bothering you, whether it’s cosmetic only or causing discomfort.

Is Dr. Medina the Right Doctor for Me?

If you’re looking for a doctor in the Triangle with experience on his side, Dr. Medina should be your first call. He has focused his work on veins and venous disease for 25 years. The Triangle Vein Clinic is at the forefront of venous treatment, using advanced techniques including VenaSeal as seen on The Dr. Oz Show.

We are also a teaching center, instructing other physicians on how to perform vein treatments and procedures.

And most importantly…we put individualized patient care first. We structure your appointments so that you get the care you deserve. Dr. Medina and his team is committed to taking extra time with patients. You will probably have lots of questions and we take that seriously. You can count on us to explain your condition or procedure using helpful drawings, answering your questions until you feel comfortable with your treatment.

What Should I Expect at My First Appointment?

Your first appointment is a consultation where we’ll work to determine the cause of your vein issues, where they are located and how to treat them. Symptomatic veins will be checked with an ultrasound to better determine treatment options. We will also review your insurance and payment options prior to beginning any course of treatment.

Scheduling your vein consultation is the first step to getting the relief and results you want. There’s no pressure, and you will feel welcomed from the moment you arrive. Give us a call at 919-851-5055 or complete the form to your right to set up your appointment today.

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