Skin Ulcers

Skin sores on the legs are most often caused by a condition called venous insufficiency. Veins have tiny valves that are one-way gates to keep the blood flowing in one direction, but sometimes the valves stop working properly. Blood pools in the wrong places and creates swelling in the legs, resulting in large, swollen veins – varicose veins – or even open wounds on the skin’s surface. Most often these wounds occur above the ankle on the inside of the leg. The leg may swell, and the skin around it may become dry and itchy and eventually break open. The wound itself typically has a weeping, raw appearance and is extremely painful.

Treating Skin Ulcers

Nearly 70% of all leg ulcers are the result of venous insufficiency. These ulcers will not heal with topical creams or salves. Triangle Vein Clinic provides interventional treatment of the ulcer to achieve wound healing. Once the wound has healed, you may be a candidate for a technique to correct the underlying venous insufficiency and affected veins to prevent any recurrence of an ulcer or other symptoms.

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