Wound Healing

Many skin sores on the legs are caused by a condition called chronic venous insufficiency. Untreated wounds or skin ulcers caused by chronic venous insufficiency can affect your quality of life. Veins have valves that are one-way gates to keep the blood flowing in one direction. With chronic venous insufficiency, the valves stop working properly allowing blood to pool around the ankles. The pressure on the skin caused by the pooling blood and excess fluid can cause a sore or ulcer to open on the skin surface, usually on the inner side of the ankle. You might experience swelling of the leg and the skin around it becoming dry and itchy. The wound itself typically has a weeping, raw appearance and is often mistaken for an infected sore. Nearly 70 percent of all leg ulcers are the result of venous insufficiency which can’t be treated with topical creams or salves.

Wound Healing Process

To begin the healing process of the ulcer, we will first remove the old skin tissue to provide a clean healing surface. You should expect the provider to cover and protect the ulcer with a medicated wound wrap called an Unna boot. Then, depending on the wound size, it may take three to six months to heal. You will see our providers every seven to 10 days for management as the healing progresses. The healing time will vary depending on the size of the wound.

Once the wound has healed, you will be a candidate for a corrective treatment to treat the veins that are affected by chronic venous insufficiency to prevent a recurrence of the ulcer and other associated symptoms.

Triangle Vein Clinic has worked with many patients who have this condition and our staff knows how to treat it. We are committed to helping you heal and treating the underlying problem causing these sores.

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