Ultrasound is an important tool that we will use throughout your vein journey. Ultrasound imaging technology is a noninvasive and effective technique that allows us to see your veins. Ultrasound uses sound waves instead of radiation to capture images of veins and arteries.

What to Expect with Vein Ultrasound

You will not experience any discomfort as ultrasound is painless. A clear gel is squirted on the skin of your leg in the area(s) of the problem vein(s). A handheld device is placed on your skin and is guided smoothly through the gel. The device projects the image onto a digital screen. With this technology, your physician can see the structure and movement of blood through the veins. Depending on the corrective treatment Dr. Medina recommends, you may have several ultrasounds. We will use it to help us as we diagnose and evaluate your vein disease as well as during some of the treatment procedures. We will also use it after your treatment to monitor the improvement in your vein health.

Our registered vascular technologist is very skilled and proficient in identifying the problem veins for assessment and evaluation. Her expertise also helps deliver the images needed to communicate your need for corrective measures to your insurance company.

On the days you are scheduled to have an ultrasound, you should bring or wear a pair of shorts to your appointment.

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