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During your first vein consultation we will not administer treatment. We will review your information, physically examine your legs, and talk to you about any symptoms you may be experiencing. We’ll also talk to you about such things as your health history and the impact of your vein symptoms on your daily activities.

This information will help us determine your diagnosis and the best treatment approach for you. Our vein specialist may recommend conservative treatment (such as compression stockings) and a diagnostic ultrasound before further corrective treatment can be considered. You will be measured for compression stockings. Depending on your situation, the specialist could recommend direct corrective treatment such as injections alone. You are now on your way to improved vein health!

For many patients, we need to obtain additional diagnostic information from an ultrasound of your legs. If this is needed, you will be scheduled to return for an appointment with a registered vascular ultrasound technician. Ultrasound is a non-invasive, painless way for us to view the anatomy of your veins. Dr. Medina will review and interpret the results of your ultrasound. You will meet with Dr. Medina (at a subsequent appointment), who will determine the best corrective treatment for you based on his findings, your health history, and the ultrasound result.

Based on the treatment that is recommended for you, our team of specialists will work with your insurance company to determine what they will cover and also identify your financial responsibility. Please be aware that most insurance companies will require you to first use conservative therapy before they will consider covering corrective procedures. Our visit protocols are meant to move you as efficiently as possible through these insurance requirements to maximize your coverage opportunity.

Our clinical team will work with you to establish dates and times for your treatment procedure(s). We will also give you necessary instructions to prepare for the day of the procedure(s) and the days after.

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