Compression Stockings

Compression therapy is a form of conservative vein therapy that does not rely on surgery or a procedure to treat problem veins. Compression therapy usually involves wearing special stockings called graduated compression stockings that exert gentle compression on your legs for the purpose of improving circulation and alleviating the symptoms of venous insufficiency.

Graduated compression stockings are tighter around the foot and ankle. The compression decreases as it goes up the leg. This “graduated compression” promotes the normal flow of blood up the leg. By applying external pressure to the vein walls, compression stockings work in conjunction with the calf muscle pump to assist the veins in returning blood to the heart instead of letting it settle or “pool” in the leg, which causes swelling and pressure on the veins.

Compression therapy relies on your ability to wear the stockings as directed. Our clinical team will advise on which level of compression is best for your condition, body type, and treatment. We will also measure you for a proper size, train you on how to put them on, and advise on how frequently you will need to wear the stockings. Wearing the correct size is very important. An incorrect size can adversely affect your circulation.

Insurance companies actually require treatment with compression stockings under doctor supervision before other methods may be used to treat the underlying vein problems. To consider coverage, the insurance companies require that compression therapy be used for a certain period of time. Our staff will share with you your particular insurance company’s time requirements. We will then schedule your follow-up visit to document the use of stocking therapy and ultimately move on to the treatment.

The compression stockings of today are fun colors and easier to wear. Just ask one of our team members who wear them daily. We’re happy to show you! Even after venous disease has been corrected, many of us still wear compression stockings when we exercise. We recommend the knee-high styles for long trips, too.

Helpful information:

  • Wear compression stockings during the day but not to bed.
  • Most patients wear compression stockings as needed after corrective therapy.
  • Consider wearing compression stockings when you exercise and when you are sitting for long periods of time, such as in a car or airplane during long trips.

Compression Stockings Available for Purchase

Compression stockings are available for purchase from Triangle Vein Clinic. For our current patients, you may order via email since we have your measurements on file, or you may purchase them at your next appointment. If you are not a Triangle Vein Clinic patient, you will need to schedule an in-office appointment to get your current measurements.

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