Julie M. Cibula, CRNP

Julie is a Certified Registered Nurse practitioner. As a Triangle Vein Clinic provider, she conducts physical exams, can diagnose and treat illnesses, orders and interprets tests, develops treatment plans, performs procedures, prescribes medications, and counsels on preventive health care.

Prior to her service with Triangle Vein Clinic, Julie has worked in a variety of settings within the medical field including internal medicine, critical care, and surgery. She celebrates more than 25 years in healthcare with 14 years as an acute care nurse practitioner. “My philosophy as a healthcare provider is to provide safe appropriate care to patients and their families with kindness and compassion.”

When not at the practice, Julie enjoys being outdoors, spending time with friends and being entertained by her two head-strong dogs.

About the Triangle Vein Clinic

Triangle Vein Clinic was founded in 1991 by Victor A. Medina, MD, FACS, as the area’s first specialized center for the treatment of venous disease.

Triangle Vein Clinic is a surgical practice specializing in cosmetic and therapeutic treatment of venous diseases including varicose veins, spider veins, and leg pain associated with venous complications. The goal of Triangle Vein Clinic – the area’s original vein clinic – is to provide patients with cosmetic and pain relief while treating venous disease before other complications develop.

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